Albert Ngwana

Category: Management Consulting

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Specialty:Facilitating Trade :: Housing :: Government Projects :: Infrastructure Development :: Private Projects :: Renewable Energy Products


African developing countries demand new approaches to doing business. Market conditions are changing quickly, and the competitive factors are intensifying. Governments and other entities are seeking innovation and speed to capture market opportunities and meet new challenges. They are in need of financial solutions that do not bring forth a new debt enslavement. AFTEL works with the country's economies of scale and financial makeup to solve its financial crisis.

AFTEL brings new ideas, new business models, and a new perspective. In doing so, we support the evolution by actually facilitating the implementation of the solutions. Understanding Africa's unique needs and responding with solutions that are creative, integrated, cost-effective, and practical is a vision, challenge and goal we meet every day.

AFTEL fulfill its goals through an aggressive marketing technique and a "hands on" management approach by utilizing its extensive network of strategic partners in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States in providing business solutions and properly managing projects.

Our hands-on experience in financing enables us to approach problems from the African client's perspective and offers solutions that maximize values today and well into the future. We seek to develop long-term relationships and providing value-added financial services to ensure growth and prosperity of projects we are undertaking.

Our strength lies in our portfolio of capable and credit worthy institutions and staff with more than a 100 years experience in Trade and Finance.

Strategic thinking and detailed analysis in reaching durable solutions for our clients is our strength. We believe Africa's developmental gap is a challenge, not a problem. We see opportunities for expansion, growth and we look to solutions that bridge the gap permanently.

With our client's mandate, we find solutions and strengthen him and at the same time leave an imprint which shall serve as a landmark for business in Africa and globally.