The Bennett G. Mbinkar Law Office

Bennett Mbinkar, Attorney

Category: Law Firm

7416 Georgia Avenue, Ste. 4
Washington, DC, 20012
Phone: 301.257.4770

Specialty:Civil Litigation :: Traffic Violation (DUI), :: Bankruptcy :: Issues Advocacy :: Immigration Matters :: Lobbying


The Bennett G. Mbinkar Law Office was started in 2011 by its founder and Managing Associate, Barrister Mbinkar, as a one stop shop for a diverse community of African, African Immigrant, and American minority communities seeking legal assistance and social justice as they navigate through a complex  American Justice System.

Our clientele range from the newly arrived immigrant from distant lands in Africa, Asia and Latin America, to the savvy African and American business entrepreneurs.

Our core competences include; Issues Advocacy, Lobbying, Personal Injury, Business Law, Immigration, Traffic Violation (DUI), Family Law, Bankruptcy, and Civil Litigation.

Our team of professionals works around the clock to bring to you a world class service so you can feel confident in passing your legal problems over to us.

We toil and labor over your problems so you don’t have to.