Family Physicians, P.A.

Dr. Rita Uzoaga, MD

Category: Physician

9119 South Gessner, Dr. Suite 305
Houston, TX, TX, 77074
Phone: 713.772.5669
Fax: 713.772.5536

Specialty:Comprehensive Primary Care :: Wellness & Preventive Exams :: STD Screening :: On-Site Cardiologist :: On-Site Plastic Surgeon :: On-Site ENT Maxillo-Facial Surg.

Welcome to Family Physician! We are committed to providing much needed medical care to the sick of all ages in and around the Greater Houston area. This is regardless of race,color,gender,disability,socio-economic status or sexual orientation.

Currently, we are still accepting new patients. Patients are usually seen by the doctor within 24hrs or less of setting up appointments. Please visit our Physicians page to learn more about our doctors, and see if they are right for you. The clinic is located in a brown professional building at the address shown below.

Our include but are not limited to the following:

1) Comprehensive primary care
2) Minor emergencies
3) Wellness and preventive exams
4) Women's health
5) Executive,school,Job,and Immigration physicals
6) Housecalls
7) Vaccinations
8) STD screening
9) Physical therapy
10)Physician prescribed skin care
11)On-site labs
12) On-site Cardiologist/General and Laparoscopic surgery
13) On-site Plastic Surgeon/Ear Nose Throat/Maxillo-Facial surgeon
14) Weight loss
15) Anti-aging